Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Oh No! You can't say that, think of the farmers and the drought!

Well I am. Firstly another rainy day this morning brought tears to
little Brookie's eyes as it dawned on her that today was the day that
Kindergarten Girls were allowed to use the play equipment at lunch but
because of the weather, that would likely to be not happening.

To rehash a quote of the famed ozjesting "rain makes my babies cry".

Then coming into work today, I missed my train because I had to park too
far away and then got caught in an all mighty downpour which resulted in
the trains grinding to a halt due to "multiple signal failures and track

Actually it was a bit surreal as somewhere east of Strathfield, we had
to crawl along the tracks that were about a foot under water! Never
seen anything like it as the railways with all their ballast and pipes
are generally well drained...

And my grass continues to grow unabated... my broken lawnmower remains
unfixed (did I tell you my new lawnmower died on its 2nd use?) and I am
sure I saw a family of pygmies running through there this morning! ;-)

Seriously though, the rains have brought plenty of frogs and our cat -
"Charlie The Grey, Hunter of Glenbrook, Slayer of Lizards and Toads" -
has been having a field day including bringing in one of these frogs for
us to enjoy in the house... thanks very much Charlie!

Anyway, Gmail continues to be inaccessible at the office and I am
sending this in Plain Text from my work email... hope it works,
otherwise this post will be deleted!

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Clay said...

As you can see there is some paragraph formatting issue with my plain text email...

I will leave it up as is so that my very helpful comment givers can perhaps help me once again.

Much thanks to stu and Dan!