Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dead Pool Curse...

Was listening to the radio the other night (well a podcast of the radio) and they were talking about the notion of “The Dead Pool”.

This is where a group of friends would list 20 celebrities of any type and the one who has the most people on their list to die in that calendar year wins the pool of cash.

The guy on the radio was already gloating how he was “up” as he had Ike Turner!

So, this morning… who had Heath Ledger???

What a turn up for the books is that. Yes, its all a bit sketchy at the moment, but you have to be certain it was drug related and the question needs to be answered was it suicide or accidental overdose? Its very sad, but again and again these people get caught with their fame and fortune and wind up dead from so much drugs because they have such a large disposable income.

The thing about Heath Ledger is that I am a bit surprised and shocked. He wasn’t a known drug user, he wasn’t a “bad boy” so to speak… he seemed like a fairly young clean cut guy who was able to hang out with some very attractive girls… in short, a young rich guy enjoy his fortune! But drugs? We all know about Aussies with troubles – Keith Urban’s alcohol rehab was news for weeks (and alcoholism is hardly uncommon) so I am starting to think that Heath Ledger may have committed suicide. If he was a druggie, we’d have known about it…

Which brings me to the other gripe I have regularly – the press’s fascination with Amy Winehouse. The day Ledger dies, she is all over the news videoed smoking crack cocaine at 5am before she went to her husbands court hearing. Give this skank a wide berth please! I still haven’t heard her sing… and yet she’s supposed to be famous, yet all she is is a deadshit loser with a death wish.

Wish she was on my Dead Pool…


Steve Brandon said...

This guy had Heath Ledger on a tongue-in-cheek Death Pool list.

He got the cause of death wrong (angry Batman fanboys). :P

DM said...

In an age where we have crashing stock markets and idiots in the military promoting 'strike first' policies against other nations 'for security' I am honestly surprised anyone feels this is worthy of headline news.

Sure he was Australian. There's plenty of Australians out there who top themselves or die from accidental causes each and every day. My world didn't stand still. I'm not in 'shock'. In a week no one will give a shit, there's far more important matters in the world to care about right now.

I couldn't care less what these bored, rich and over indulged celebs are doing with their lives. The 'oh woe is me' line we constantly hear from them is a condescending slap in the face for those are really doing it tough in this world.