Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bloggidy Blog

I seem to have attracted a bit of attention from my blog post of yesterday from my family I do come across as a bit down, but hey you can’t be a happy extrovert every day of the year!!

Nevertheless, whilst things are a bit tense on the work front, its not the end of the world and we move onward and upward

With lots on the work plate and the weekend ahead, I am a bit rushed in regards to digesting the recent news but it appears that the stock market has plummeted like a stone.  I am not a share market player, but I do have Super so it has wiped a bit of that but hey, I won’t be retiring soon so what the hell!! hehe

But when reading this today, you have to wonder if any of us will get to retirement!  In these troubled socio and economic times, when the world is being divided by the haves and the have nots and when the worlds major religions seem to be seeking to obliterate their rivals rather than to nurture the faithful they have, the Western military think tanks that resorting to pre-emptive nuclear strikes is the way to go”…

Way to go?  Way to go to hell

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