Monday, January 21, 2008

Job Stress

I alluded to a possible sale of my company last week and on Friday afternoon this transpired with approximately 50% of the company being sold off to a competitor.

I am more than likely to remain with the remaining business as opposed to going across to the new company but it does bring a whole degree of uncertainty to my place in the working world at the moment.

Readers of Lime Kettles would have read that I enthusiastically changed jobs last August for a bigger and better role and whilst that is the case, it has been relatively short lived!

My role isn’t under threat exactly, but it is hardly a morale boosting issue and I must admit that I have been thinking as to whether the move was in the long term the best idea.  People tell me it is because I have gained new experience and increased by pay packet, but I would really hate to be unemployed again (I was between jobs for 3 months in 2001/02 and it was the worst thing I have ever experienced!).  You tell yourself that youre quietly confident of getting a new job (and the job market is great at the moment) but there is always the dark spectre in the back of your mind how are you going to pay the bills etc etc

Yes, you get a payout (if it happens) but its never enough for both the payment of bills and the angst and stress it puts you under.

Still, we go on work today as been pseudo productive I have things to do, been busy, the remaining business just won a new contract but still, theres a lot of water cooler talk as well.

Will keep you posted sorry for being a bit of an Agony Aunt today :-)  Look at the pretty pictures below. Hehe.

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