Friday, February 08, 2008

Lying Thru His Gappy Teeth

Lying Thru His Gappy Teeth

Big news day!  Ray Martin STORMS out of Channel Nein!

Yee Gods!  Stop the Press!  Call the Government to an emergency sitting of Parliament!  Ray Martin has QUIT!

Of course I am being sarcastic.  Ray Martin has long lost his credibility as a journalist and is now considered the male version of a talking head that suits the commercial needs of attracting the older demographic.  Compared to current and previous news men such as Ian Ross and Brian Henderson, Martin is the Richard Wilkins of news media.  By this I mean he is everywhere, always talking but ultimately irrelevant.

But there was a time when Ray Martin was respected and I am struggling to think back to when he lost it.  I think when A Current Affair turned into a serial on stories about back pain and angry neighbours as opposed to in depth 60 Minutes style coverage his reputation took a hammering.  Also, I personally couldn’t stand it when he went to Indonesia after the Boxing Day Tsunami and spent 4 weeks or so standing in his Country Road gear with one foot up on some rubble shaking his head and tsk tsking through his gap toothed smile and doing inane stories about it, that really killed him off in my opinion.

So, again, the news media loses one of their own and act like we all give a toss.  Front page spreads mmm remember the Interest Rates guys?  Remember the Iraq War and the impending US elections??  You know, the things that really do matter.

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