Thursday, February 07, 2008


Its been a while, but here goes…

CityRail is the most fucktard service in which 100 or so years of work, design and planning can be washed away with the simplest and most expected issues.

Hey CityRail engineers… it does occasionally RAIN. Don’t listen to what the Greenies say, despite the drought and El Nino, it does rain from time to time. Therefore design a system that can cope with that.

And when you have a truck crossing railway tracks, there is a possibility for a bingle. Last night a truck was struck on the tracks. Thankfully no-one was hurt, but guess what ShittyRail did? They stopped trains at Penrith – some 50kms or 1+hr away. So in the pouring rain, people had to get out, get on crappy buses and be driven all stations all the way to Katoomba.

This morning, the trains were running 35mins late because of the same problem and the accompanying signal failures from “lightning strikes” and the rain. Incompetence. Lets hike fares some more hey!

/rant off


DM said...

Out of date infrastructure combined with a distinct lack of spending on public transport on behalf of the state government are to blame. With a heavily increased reliance on public transport as a result of population growth and expansion into regional areas putting more strain on the network, it's basically falling apart and the government seems to be unwilling to do what's needed and FAST in order to fill the gap.

Sad to say Clay, you're better off driving some days mate, because if you have a look at the infrastructure investment in Sydney over the last 10 years, it's all roads and tollways mate

Anonymous said...

OMG it couldn't possibly be the state governments problem? Surely we have to blame this on Howard.

DM said...

Nope. Blame where it's deserved. This is a state issue.

I'm pro labour, but this is a royal screw up by them if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

GET A CAR!!!!!!!!!!

Annachie said...

I used to find Sydney rail fairly reasonable, but the that was 10 years ago and my travel times were out of peak.

No government wants to spend money of rail. It takes so long to be of any benifit that by the time it's ready, it's the next government claiming credit for it.