Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend - Documenting Not Much At All

Weekend - Documenting Not Much At All

Pretty tame weekend this weekend hampered by the weather and also Nikis mum still staying with us.  Did play cricket on the Saturday and we turned up and the grass was very long and we had a heavy downpour about half an hour before play was to start.

We gave it half an hour to dry a bit and we promptly lost the toss and were sent in with a wet, long outfield we struggled and batted for 60 odd overs to be all out for just 86.  Yes a run rate just over 1!  Yours truly opened and faced a dozen balls before I middled an on-drive and short leg stuck his hand out and it stuck great catch, but sucks to be on the end of that!  We have the opposition at 1/2 at stumps after 4 overs.

Sunday was wet but Nikis brother and sister-in-law relieved us and we took the kids to see the Water Horse.  Not a bad movie considering it’s a kids movie.  The girls loved it and it was nice to see a kids movie that wasn’t the usual American clap-trap.

So other than that, not much happened.  Brookie registered this year for netball like her big sister and we bought the girls a netball hoop that remains inside given the weather and weve come to the realisation that the girls are just doing waaay too much this year.  Brooke has added Gymnastics and Netball to her already busy schedule.

I was so tired and flat yesterday that I went to bed at a bit past 9:30 must be getting old!

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