Monday, March 24, 2008


Man, I am knackered and I think its because I have eaten waaay too much chocolate.

But to recap on the weekend that was...

Friday: I played Blood Bowl up the Central Coast. It was a one day "sevens" tournament... I went 1-1-3 and finished 11th from 14 competitors. Good day out though. The girls went to the Rikki Lee concert at Panthers and had an excellent time. Got autographs and a photo afterwards... but I got the call at midnight to say that they had a flat tyre so I spent the first hour of Saturday changing a tyre.

Saturday: Sleep in.., then Mum & Dad for lunch, followed by the girls cheerleading for the Penrith Panthers in the NRL. Got myself a free ticket in as a result to the Penrith vs Canberra game... pretty low game though in front of a small crowd, but the girls had a ball.

Sunday: Chocolate consumption started at 9am. Lazy day in which we went for a picnic down at Penrith Lakes. Made some bread rolls, took some drinks and the kids bikes. Basically sat in the shade for 2 or so hours. Then it was to Niki's brothers at Springwood for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids.

Monday: Took the kids ice skating for something to do. I stoopidly wore shorts and t-shirt. I froze for 3hrs. Drank so much hot chocolate the machine broke! The girls had fun and Kate was "ice dancing"

Brooke & I after drinking too much Hot Chocolate

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