Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's on again! The footy season has started and Kate & Brooke are dancing as part of the Kitty Kats troupe like they did last year this Saturday and next Sunday. I will be at the game on Saturday, but the Sunday game will clash with my cricket Grand Final...

But not only are they doing this, Kate has been invited (and we have accepted and hence have to pay) to goto Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to dance at some Tourism Australia promotion. The itinerary is sketchy, but they'll be dancing in KL somewhere and then also at the Desa Water Park. Niki will be going with her and we decided to pay for Brooke to go along as well for the trip given the hassle of trying to either me having a week off work and/or finding babysitting for her during a school week.

They're leaving end of May and into June and I will be bacheloring it during that time, but the trip will be very exciting for them. We are booked into Fiji in late June as well, so my girls will be doing two international trips in 4 weeks! Jetsetters!!

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