Friday, March 28, 2008

Does this mean....

that playing Chess against a Computer is now illegal?



DM said...

No. Not exactly.

There's two reasons why this is an issue.

For one, the use of an automated bot for gaming is against the terms and conditions for playing on world of Warcraft. It's outlined clearly when you join up to play.

Secondly, the reason for outlawing such a bot is because it has harmful effects on others within the game itself. World of warcraft is a game that promotes social interactivity at it's core - such as is the case with any MMO - and as such, the actions of others can have a directly relational effect on your gaming experience. The introduction of glider for personal use has seen server economy thrown out of whack as gold farmers wreak havoc with prices of most commodities, often essential components to gameplay.

In addition to this fact, there is a far more sinister use to these bots in the form of gold trade and character trade from illegal 3rd parties. Called 'chinese gold famers' - these are people who use these bots to create end level characters and large amounts of gold which they then sell direct to players for use in game - another thing that's strictly against the rules and conditions of WoW.

Game balance is determined from playing the game 'the way it was intended' - when people seek to break this pattern with such methods, they essentially wreck it for others as well.

Not only that, but these 3rd company parties who sell gold, characters and bot programs are generating income using Blizzard IP. They are well within their rights to rein it in.

Hence why Blizzard are suing this bloke...

Anonymous said...

where is Pete's alarm?