Friday, March 28, 2008

They say its the weekend!

They say its the weekend!

Yup, Friday again the short week has me caught short and I am heading to NZ on Monday so my work load is bigger than I expected.  Today is a busy day!

But the weekend will be excellent (touch wood) as we finally get to play the Grand Final in cricket.  Stupidly we had to have a weeks break due to Easter (why didn’t we save a week somewhere during the regular season I don’t know) but we get to end the season on hopefully a good note.  The game will be played over both days of the weekend and on the Sunday night our club has their annual presentation dinner and given that well be playing (and the only side in our club to make the GF) well be still in our whites and pending victory we will be well lubricated!

The end of season dinner though is good its free, wives and girlfriends and partners can attend and also eat free and also kids too however in anticipation of victory and a rowdy night, the girls will be at Gran & Granpas.

Not sure of logistics though, well have two cars so I don’t know how well arrange to get the second car home!

The other thing is that I am heading to NZ for work on Monday afternoon as well and will be out of the country until Wednesday night, but Ill try to blog the result of the big game before then because I know youre ALL dying to know the result.

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tribalsinner said...

Good Luck Clay!