Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy School Morning

My work diary was free-ish this morning and Niki's Dad had to be at the hospital this morning at 7:30am for an Angiogram (sp?) as he's not doing too well with his heart at the moment.

Niki was taking him and had been in a lather about how to get the girls to school and I was only too happy to take the morning off work and take them to school.

Niki was gone before 7 and I got up (after only having gone to bed at 2am!) 20 minutes after her to find the girls in the lounge room watching cartoons. Their hair was done immaculately by Niki but they were in the pj's and when I came out Brooke was standing on the lounge! lol.

So, I played Mr Mum this morning and enjoyed it. Breakfast of toast and juice... a chat about school. Brooke was getting a birthday award today at the school assembly and then I had to shower and get ready for work.

Soon, it was me in my suit and tie, the girls in their uniforms trundling along to school. There were no fights about who was sitting in the front - Kate graciously let Brooke have the front seat - and we went to school.

The girls' school though is in two campuses and we went to the Primary first to drop off Kate. No drop and go for me, we parked got out and Kate was talking a million miles an hour about the various classrooms and which teacher resided in each room. Went down to her room and she showed me where she hung her bag and took me inside and showed me her desk and some of her artwork on the walls. Met her teacher as well.

Then we were suddenly inundated with other girls all of them hugging Kate and Brooke (this is the new custom apparently, everyone gives everyone else a sisterly hug) and then she was off with a quick kiss from me and Brooke & I went back to the car.

Drove the half-k to the Infants dept and again the same scene was repeated. Teacher in the class room, artwork on the wall, maths books on a desk proudly showing Brooke's name. Then there were more kids and hugs and Brooke was happy for me to go...

I ended up getting the 9:20 train from Glenbrook and it was a nice change of pace for a work day. Got into the office at 11ish... very civilised :)

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