Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I said 4-5million...

Scott Adams posted an interesting question today on his blog...

I answered 4-5 million, but his logic is sound. Freaky thought.

What do you reckon?



DM said...

I was actually pretty much 'correct', I said 10 billion myself.

Currently population of the planet except maybe 1% all dead, and a decent slice of all those born over the next 100.

Anonymous said...

Big C,

Over 56 million people die each year. About 155,000 each day.

Times 100, that's 5.6 billion for the bay's centennial life.

The world population growth rate hovers at around 1.14%

Source: CIA World factbook.


Uncle Scotty.

Anonymous said...

* baby's, not bay's! D'oh!!