Monday, March 10, 2008

Cricket Minor Premiers

Aside from Brooke's birthday, we finished the cricket regular season on Saturday in a tense game that saw us take the points and the Minor Premiership.

Chasing 76 runs, we took about 70 overs to reach the target as the large field was extremely slow and any balls hit along the ground struggled to beat the infield. We scored a mere 19 runs in the first half of Day 2! But some lusty hitting in the lower order saw us pass the score with 8 wickets down.

To give an insight to the slow outfield, our skipper Terry hit 10 runs from 113 balls faced!

Now we're onto the finals, which are all sudden death games against 4th placed Guildford Leagues.

If you're keen, we're at Roberta St Park Greystanes with play starting at 1:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.


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