Sunday, March 09, 2008

Brookie's Birthday Weekend!

Well! I'm exhausted!!

Brooke's birthday went off without a hitch... started on Friday night with Pizza with Julie & Con and their kids of which Hannah stayed the night with us... the Saturday morning was visit from Niki's friend Rachael and her kids with more presents for Brooke.

I then took Brooke down to my parents where she went on with her Gran for a shopping expedition to Parramatta and she came back with a stack of clothes.... then we all went out for dinner at the local Chinese place and ate waay too much.

Sunday, was up early, Brooke got her new bike she wanted and we were off to her "Build-a-Bear" party at Penrith. That was really good and well run, and for $35 a head, it was good value but I recommend no more than 6 kids all up. Brooke invited her sister Kate and 4 girls from school for the party and after an hour or so at Build-a-Bear, it was back to our place for a teddy bears picnic.

At 2pm we were taking the kids home and by 4pm, Niki's family had arrived and we had a big dinner as well... now, its late, the kids are zonked and I'll be heading to the office tomorrow for a rest!! LOL.


DM said...

Oh very cute!

My girls would absolutely love that.

Care to post a link or contact info on where you can hold these parties? Sounds like a top idea for my soon to be 6 year old...

Clay said...

Here's the link to their website here

They're at most major shopping centres, we went to Westfield Penrith.

Cathy said...

very cute - the girls and bears look adorable! sounds like everyone had a fun filled weekend!

and congrats on your cricket score (although the paragraph was largely double dutch to me - i'm more aleague fan - can't wait for the season to start)!