Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday News Wrap

I like to read the papers and if things catch my eye, I will comment on them... today though there is so much bizarre stuff that I will just list them:

1. A tran-sexual woman-turned-man is pregnant. He is pregnant with his "wife". I am presuming his "wife" is a man? If you have female bits and you enjoy sex with male bits, why do you both go through the drug and medical procedures to look like the opposite? Lets just say the visual image in my head is bizarre! (link)

2. Detroits Mayor blows $8.4M of tax payers money to cover up his affair... (link). Seems as though we hold people in office at a higher moral pedestal and then complain when their "sins of the flesh" cause them to go over the top to protect their perceived moral high ground. Perhaps if we simply acknowledged that people in the public eye have private lives and foibles and not be *shocked* when they dont, then maybe those same people wouldn't blow so much cash or other resources to protect themselves. If we went "the mayor had an affair, ok.. lets move on" we wouldn't be worried about this.

3. But the point above still generates press for others... i.e. Clinton / Lewinsky (link). Ho-hum... so 90's that story!

4. We're breaking world records like they're going out of style in the pool... its the simple Australian Championships, yet we seem to be breaking a world record, some of them longstanding, every time there's a race. A record was even broken in a heat. Does anyone remember the World Swimming Championships in Perth when the Chinese broke all those records? Remember we cried foul about performance enhancing drugs? Where are those same stories now??? Yeah, yeah, sure, sure... its all Aussie Gold and its all dinky-di. mmmm (link)

5. Online website for young girls between 7 and 17 called "Miss Bimbo" promotes boob jobs and obsessive dieting to "stay thin and sexy". This is promoted by the web designer as a bit of "harmless fun". Did I mention the web designer is a 23 year old guy? ya... good stuff that! (link)

I think thats about it... great world we live in isnt it!!

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