Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dettol Is Not Good

Dettol Is Not Good

The night before last, I was stripping paint from some miniatures that I wanted to repaint.  The best way to strip paint from plastic miniatures is to soak them in Dettol and then scrub them clean with a tooth brush.  After soaking them for a while in a Tupperware container, I took to each one of the 6 miniatures with a tooth brush and scrubbed each one vigorously.  I was home alone at the time and I thought nothing of bathing my hands in undiluted Dettol for about 30 mins.

Soon however, I was aware that my fingers had shrunk.  Seriously, they developed the most intense case of pruning that I had ever had before.  The pads of my fingers looked like little bumpy walnuts and I was soon aware that my fingers started to burn at the base of my nails My simpleton logic was that Dettol was good and that you use it to disinfect cuts and scrapes on kids knees, so how come I am now burning

I gave up the scrubbing and looked at my fingers which were red, pruny and burning.  Oops!

Niki came home and I told her my story and she asked Did I dilute it?.  Nope.  Did you wear gloves? Nope.  I felt like an idiot.

Now this morning when I got out of the shower, both my hands are peeling in small flakes the skin has died and despite using some girly moisturiser, theyre shedding small bits of skin everywhere.

And I thought Dettol was good for you!


ozjesting said...

LOL! Water is good for you too...but I am sure you are aware of a condition called "drowning" ;)

Moderation in all things sir. Of course your dedication to theme as a Nurgle coach is impressive!

Clay said...

LOL @ Oz!

You, as always, are spot on...


Anonymous said...

all disinfectants kill cells....that's how they work, you just killed a couple million too many!

Mr Collins

Ben said...

lol, you're such a tard Clay :)

Annachie said...

Slaveing over a hot paintbrush, working your fingers to the bone ...

RandomPalindrome said...

This just happened to me. I'm glad it was just the dettol (it was diluted though 50/50) and not anything else :D
Gloves next time