Monday, April 14, 2008

He's baaack!

Yes, back in the office this morning.  I drove in and the traffic wasn’t too bad but was worse than I expected for a school holiday morning and the drive was fine given my sore knee was simply a passenger (ah the joy of an automatic car!)

I am hobbling around the office, but am OK and have had the sway of the water cooler this morning as people quiz me on how the operation all went.

So, I am sure youre sick of hearing about my damn knee so I want to talk about this.

Why oh why, do we suddenly need our private (albeit on work infrastructure) emails exposed to our employers in the name of Terrorism?

Read the first sentence.  Employers reading employee emails to protect against Terrorism.  If you work for a company that has no government connection and your business makes a commercial product to sell to customers on what grounds does your employer need to look at your emails to protect the Nation against Terrorism.

This sort of thing is abhorrent and should be resisted on all levels.  We are not a communist country and our government doesn’t need to snoop on us just in case.


Luke said...

Being that your at a large modern company I'd be suprised if you hadnt already given your employer permission to look at your emails. when you sighted and ticked and flicked the company IT papers.

Annachie said...

I agree with Luke.
When I worked for Telstra not only did they read our emails, but they went through the back-ups as well to see if they missed anything.
(At least one person I worked with lost his job due to the quantity and quality of the pornographic emails he had been sent and kept for a while, despite having later deleting them.)

This is pure, un-needed crap. Hell, it's pure, unadulterated Bushism

Anonymous said...

looks like references to Al Clay-da Jihads are a no no in your emails.