Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazing About

Today, for the first time in nearly a year, we had a weekend day with NO COMMITMENTS!

Yes folks, we had no birthdays, family functions, kids parties, sporting events, friends BBQ's or anything else that required out presence somewhere else or to have people attend our house for something.

Nothing, nadda, zilch.

We slept in, Niki made it to at least 10:30am, I shot some netball hoops with the girls, we played a boardgame and we went out for brunch late so that it could be actually called lunch and then we went and took the girls to the DVD shop and they hired some movies.

Tonight, Niki and I are going to watch on DVD "Death at a Funeral" and have a lazy night to continue our lazy day.

I have to say though, the kids DVD's that they have watched so far have all been scratched. We haven't borrowed any in ages, and now I recall why we don't...

I am planning to goto work tomorrow despite a doctors certificate until the 18th. We'll see how it goes, but I will probably drive.

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Luke said...

If you plan on going to work against the direction of a pre existing doctors certificate you should really go and see a doctor to get clearance, they will easily give it to you if you ask for it.

If you were to return to work without it and hurt yourself, from something silly like a trip or a twist, your companies insurance will not cover you for any further lose of time.

Just a warning clay.