Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I feel like I am on All Saints...

We need a doctor in the house!!

Kate has measles broke out in a rash on Sunday but was fine but is now itchy and the rash this morning has spread to her arms.  She was off school yesterday and will be until the rash goes away.  She is OK, but itchy.

Brooke was born with kidney reflux and she had a test yesterday (ultrasound) and is heading to the paediatrician today for diagnosis.

Niki is generally unwell and has to have a blood test.

Nikis mum is off to the pain clinic today for her back and Niki (with kids in tow) has to take her.

And I get admitted tomorrow for my knee and will be bedridden in front of the TV / PC for the rest of the week (mmm, not so bad!).

So we are just one big Ward at the moment I feel like the film crew from All Saints will turn up at any minute!

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