Friday, April 04, 2008

Under the Knife...

I am flat out… and its just dawned on me why.  I am having Wed – Fri off work next week as I am going in for a knee operation.


The last time I had any anaesthetic was when I had my appendix out at 4yrs of age and I am now realising that I will be gowned and put under for my arthroscopic surgery.


The operation or the recovery itself isn’t a worry, my bad knee(s) over the past 8mths have caused me a heap of grief and I will happy to at least have one of them fixed up, but the notion of anaesthetic worries me…


But at the moment, its busy busy busy with all my work stuff that needs to be done by next Friday having to be done by Tuesday.


Still, this weekend should be relaxing… it’s the first weekend without cricket since September and although the girls have netball on Saturday and dancing on Sunday (both are entering a ballet scholarship competition) I am looking forward to it.


Hope your weekends are good too!

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Anonymous said...

don't worry mate ive had 5 generals in the last 7 years and no dramas. give me a yell if you need any advice at all, cos after 4 knee ops i'm a bit of an expert.

My main advice would be, not to get it wet. fully bag and tape it before showering. DO NOT IMMERSE IT UNDER WATER. water is the highest cause of infection. they will cover the cuts with "waterproof" dressings but they are are crap and not at all waterproof. best option is prolly a bath with ur leg up and out of the water the whole time.