Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Enough of the frivolities...

Zimbabwe. Where is the UN on this? Mugabe is elected out clearly, refuses to show himself publically, calls a recount on no basis, and in the intervening three weeks, 10 elected representatives of the opposition party (who should be in power) have been murdered and now the Mugabe Health Minister threatens to shoot opposition supporters.

If there was ever the case for third party intervention, its Zimbabwe. As a Commonwealth (or are they ex-Commonwealth) nation, the British should invade, oust the dictator and his cronies and instill the properly elected party as leaders of the country.

But why don't they? Americans seem to jump willingly into the Mid-East, and Australia gets involved in East Timor and the Solomons, and the Brits fought a whole war against Argentina over a rocky outcrop of sheep paddocks in the Falklands.

Why is Zimbabwe simply untouchable?? The guy is a despot and should be removed. Permanently.

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