Monday, May 19, 2008

Bah! Car troubles!!

Leaving the train station to drive home the other night, my little Barina had lost all engine grunt, was bunny hopping in 2nd gear and I dont think 3rd gear was working at all.

Took it down this morning to an automatic transmission repair place, but after a test drive they said it wasn't the gear box but an engine issue - and a pretty major one at that!

Given I was at Penrith at this stage (the drive down was a joy!) there was no way I would be able to get back up the Mountain, and the mechanic recommended I take it straight to the Holden dealer and their service team.

Turning up at a major dealership without an appointment was also a joy... they said they'd try to look at it today and it may be ready by Wednesday...

I am smiling today through gritted teeth and something tells me whatever is wrong won't be cheap!!


Luke said...

beep beep barina

Clay said...

Beep beep my arse!

Repair bill has been "quoted" at $2300.

I bet it turns out more.

Catalytic Converter needs replacing and something about the manifold needs repairing... in general the exhaust is farked.

Beep Beep Visa Card!

Anonymous said...

you have an auto barina????