Friday, May 16, 2008

Internet Censorship

The Rudd Govt in their infinite wisdom decided to keep plugging away at the previous Govt's efforts to take pornography out of the internet in Australia.

Does anyone see this as some sort of Big Brother (and I mean in the sense of George Orwell's 1984, not Channel 10's Bum Dance Version) effort to control what the "Citizens" see and watch?

I am all for classification and making such material unavailable to minors, but since when do we need the government to step in and protect us from our downloadable tits and arse?

Once they "filter" content and then offer you to register to have unfiltered content, then for whatever reason, your internet viewing habits will be then recorded on some government database.

Once that happens, thats another piece of data on your "permanent record"... to me it sounds like its a big waste of money and the press have picked up on it a bit as well.

As a parent, I would sit with my kids when they're on the internet. As they get older a PC for them will be in the open area of the house. What is more worrisome is this whole issue of kids being online and chatting via myspace and MSN. It is an issue that has resulted in a pitiful 60 Minutes story and also the recent charges laid against a woman for encouraging the suicide of a neighbours girl via cyber bullying.

These are the more worrisome things and unfortunate side effects of kids and technology going wrong... not the fact that sex is on the internet freely for adults.


Daniel Bowen said...

Yeah. We've got two PCs at my place, that the kids love to use. They're together in a public area of the house, and that's where they'll stay. There's more danger for kids on the Net than can be caught using any kind of filter.

Anonymous said...

Evidently the government thinks that Australian parents can't do their jobs properly. If this thing passes, I guess we can only assume that we agree with them. I find it unusual that Mr Conroy says its to protect the kids. How many Australian households have kids..?

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