Thursday, May 01, 2008

Devil Incarnate

Been busy and away from a decent PC this week, so it's a bit late, but what about this Austrian nut-bag?!

Kidnap and hold your 18yr old daughter for 24 years in your own house via an elaborate security system to the basement and then expanding it as your daughter conceives children to you as her father...

Then, keep the children, the oldest for 20yrs in that same dungeon and yet select three of them to live with care free freedom above ground as your grand children...

And all along the wife / grand mother is none the wiser!!!


What madness and depravity. You tend to think the world, despite its troubles, cannot get any worse off and then you hear stories like this.

Question - did the wife not at some stage attempt to go down to the basement within those 24yrs? Did she not try and store old junk in the basement like a normal person would? "Hans, how about a garage sale! I'll clear out the basement"... was that never discussed??

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