Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Girls Have Landed

Got a text and then a call at 12:45am this morning... the girls had made it to KL and were in their hotel room. It was nearly 11pm their time and they were tired, but all very excited. Niki had me on speaker phone and between all the squeeling and cheering, I learnt that their hotel room was very lush, they had a view of the Petronas Towers and that there was a mini-bar with chocolates! Yes, I think Kate & Brooke will need to be taught the lesson of how expensive mini-bar chocolates are! lol.

They have a free day today with a 10am dance meeting and then a city tour. The performances start tomorrow.

The flight itself was no drama, the girls had a great time and the inflight entertainment system was great apparently and apparently each seat had a telephone in which you could call other passengers... mmm, I can imagine the racket that 30 girls can make on a plane when they each have a telephone! I hope the other passengers enjoyed their travelling experience! ;-)

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