Thursday, May 29, 2008

World of Warcraft Addiction

This article is me... I am a gamer, grew up with games, am into fantasy genre games, books etc and am probably a bit obsessive compulsive with my gaming.

I have never played WoW and I doubt that I ever will. Why? Because I know I would get sucked in. I play a variety of games at any one time both online and on table top, but I am not a real big computer gamer. I have a PSP yes and I have played some PC games, but that whole me vs an AI model that lacks real tactical nous generally kills off my PC gaming interests. i.e. when I realise a game is "easy" or it is difficult and I master it, I turn off.

But table top gaming and web based gaming versus real people is my thing. Graphically they aren't the best. Some games I play via email. But what makes me obsessive is playing against Human Intelligence not AI. I lose. Alot. But that's what makes it a good mental challenge.

Now WoW falls into both camps. It has the graphical interface that makes PC gaming attractive. It is a very aesthetically enjoyable game. It is also about people vs people. People join Guilds, become friends and adventure together. "Never let the Guild (team) down" is the motto, and I would be a sucker for that.

If I was to play WoW, I am sure I would become addicted and end up as one of the stereotypical zombified PC gazers and the rest of my life would be secondary priority. Scary stuff and a thing that I have seen happen to others.

Any WoW addicts out there?


Anonymous said...

i freely admit that i am a WoW addict.

There is nothing like some hot Women on Women action!



Hammer said...

Sadly yes. Me. I have deliberately avoided WoW because I knew I would get sucked in. A mate of mine is about to move to ireland for 2 years, so it was decided by our group of gamers that in order to stay in touch we'd get together weekly on WoW, making the use of voice chat, and enjoying gaming together. I am absolutely sucked into it, as I knew I would be. The game is fun, and in the PvE setting it is a great collaborative experience, and the voice chat makes it real that you really are running that scary dungeon with your mates who have your back. You know you better goddamn have theirs - or you are all toast.

Resist if you can, sadly I am now a mindless drone...

Dan said...

f you love the People Aspect, you would get sucked right in on a PVP server as well.

Yes, massive WoW addict. Er, fan, WoW FAN ;) I don't play as much as I used to - there was a time I would play 10-12 hours straight, but have been careful.

Dark Age of Camelot was the one that I was REALLY addicted to ;)

If it makes life easier, get your better half to set the parental features to set up times you can play, periods you can play, maximum play length and all that ;)

tribalsinner said...

nerds... the lot of you

Ben said...

I must be one of the few who seems immune to the effects of WoW addiction. Try as I might, I can't last past about 3 months on the game - it's just not that interesting.

Give it a decent storyline and less reptitive gameplay and it's much more likely.

Lelruthus said...

I don't play WoW, can't stand the limitations on roleplay that it's got.

I will admit to being a City of Heroes player, but one of the first rules I've always played by (and have been lucky enough to make a lot of friends on there with the same rule) is that "Real Life always comes first."

An individual who shall remain nameless from my current job lost his position because he didn't turn up for a week after a WoW game update, with no reason outside of the game - It can happen - I hope I'm more strong-willed than that.