Thursday, May 22, 2008

State of Origin Wrap

What a game!  Had an excellent night last night with my cricket team mates as we watched NSW beat QLD 18-10.  I am sure the sporting media provides more insightful analysis than I do, but my main concern was that whilst we won, our front rowers didn’t seem to have a major impact Brett White & Ben Cross?  From where we were sitting (40 rows back behind the goal posts!) it seemed that our props were ineffective and that Fitzgibbon was doing better than White off the start.  Mason also seemed to have a quiet game as well.

The backs though for NSW were excellent and Gasnier really is a class act He left his opposite number for dead a number of times and I just hope that he remains in the NRL.  The new half back Wallace played well and I think hes a player for the long haul.  Gidley too me is too small and erratic, Finch is too slow and Pearce is potentially good, but Wallace got his shot and took it with both hands and now has incumbent rights.  Well played!

As for us, we had a great night met at the Royal Oak at Lidcombe from 5pm.  Drank way too many beers too quickly, bought up pizzas at the bistro which went very quickly and took the Olympic Sprint in to the stadium.  Odd thing was though that beer could only be served at the stadium at a maximum of 2 per customer so the 4 man shout rotation took a battering and we didn’t drink as much during the game itself.

On the way home, it was planes, trains and automobiles as we trained it to Lidcombe on the Sprint, a train to Blacktown (which terminated) then another train to Penrith (which also terminated), then a cab to Emu Plains then my mate Stuey who lives at Faulconbridge gave me a lift to Glenbrook. Long trip home!

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Ben said...

Carn Clay, as a dragqueens supporter you should know by now that Gasnier always looks brilliant in a side thats on top - he's extremely dangerous with the ball in hand no doubt.

Watch him when he's up against a centre big enough to put him on his arse a few times and things don't go so well (cf: Pat Richards when the Tigers beat em in the semis) - he normally blows up, starts mouthing off a lot and playing like he doesn't have a brain.

He's always been magic on the front foot, it's whether he can change his reaction to adversity that will determine how he'll be thought of at the end of his career (what am I thinking, the media will make him out to be a god regardless!).


(yes I'm a bit late, been away all week :)