Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend... Excited Girls!

Weekend... Excited Girls!

The girls are excited it’s the last weekend at home before the girls fly to Malaysia for their dance trip.  Its been a long time in the planning and we scraped the money together but theyre now down to just packing.

Kate and Brooke were counting down the days this morning and theyre doing the important things like picking which Nintendo games they want to take etc etc.  They both admitted to me this morning that theyre a little bit nervous about going to another country but theyre very keen.

Expect a lot of photos when they come back on Wednesday week Lime Kettles will probably get a work out on the Blogger photo server. lol.

For myself, I will be heading to Brisbane with my mate Noyz for a bit of a boys weekend.  Were planning a BBQ at my mates Gools place on the Saturday to meet his girlfriend and their new baby girl for the first time and the Saturday night will be a bigun.  Sunday will be recuperating and a quiet arvo in a bar (probably the Caxton Hotel) before going into the soccer to see Australia vs Iraq.  Depending on the result it could be a bit of a party atmosphere in BrisVegas Sunday night too

But thats all NEXT weekend this weekend will be quiet and helping the girls get ready for their trip.


Anonymous said...

Are you apprehensive about the girls traveling O/S mate?


Clay said...

Nah, they'll be with a big tour group and Malaysia is by all accounts a friendly place.

They'll have a great time!