Thursday, June 12, 2008

All Over Red Rover

All Over Red Rover

I spat the dummy at work yesterday, demanded that they make a decision and they did.  Effective 30 June, I will be redundant.

This is actually a good thing and I am very happy.  Yes, finding a job will be stressful, but better than the limbo / purgatory were experiencing here.  Two other people were given their pink slips as well and they too are happy.

Its sad, I came to this company on a high, less than a month in they announced a sale of the business and its reeled from one calamity to the next.  I have had the pleasure of working with some really nice people here and my boss and I had a chat / laugh about it this morning (he too lacks long term direction) and I will part on good terms with some people.  On the other hand, I have no faith in the exec management and am glad to be free to find something better.

Financially, I have been looked after, am happy to take the money and run and look for something else.

So, I have next week, then were off to Fiji for a relax, and then when I get back its collect a cheque and go and to be honest, it’s a big relief.

To my friends and family who have helped me over the last few months, thanks for your support.  Those of you who do read this blog, that means you ;-)


Daniel said...

I never thought I'd say this to anybody, but... Congratulations on being made redundant!

Hammer said...

Glad to hear you can move forward again. Not a lot worse than being stuck with nothing to work with. Been there and HATED it!! Good luck with the job hunting!

fool said...

The Krungthep Garudas are hiring, can you play Wide Receiver? 60,000 a season, plus 10k signing bonus.

Clay said...

fool... I have been described in the past as "wide". Does that count?

ozjesting said...

Not even a text?!!? Oh man! Well, it seems though that I need to call a meeting of the secret group very soon ;)

Enjoy Fiji mate...see you on the return.