Friday, June 13, 2008

Can you get severance pay for your liver?

Well, the news is out that I am leaving work and there was a farewell last night for two people who finish up today… I have invites for a drink from various people both in and outside of my company and I am going to try and accommodate everyone between now and next Friday.  The big night though will be Thursday next week as my official (and now fairly regular given my work history) big drink at the pub.


I am now wondering if I can get some sort of redundancy package for my liver which will take a big beating I am sure, but other than Thursday, it will be all in moderation.


Also, on top of this, the offices are moving this weekend so our IT dept shuts down everything this afternoon in about three hours from now… I suggest that there may be a drink across the road then too.


But it’s all good now and I am looking forward to this weekend which will be relaxing and Fiji following next week.  It’s all good ;-)


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