Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hit & Run Society

Hit & Run Society

What is it with people again, yet another hit and run accident in Sydney.  People seem to always stop for a dog or cat that they hit, but when it comes to people, they do a runner.  It just seems to me that there is one of these everyday somewhere in Sydney.

Has society really gone that far downhill that we now have this poor attitude to our fellow man?  Or is it part of some crazed fad that people (idiots) steal cars and look to run over pensioners?  It just seems so much of a daily event that I really have to wonder.

And then on top of that, there was the story out of the US yesterday of a man shot dead by police as he literally beat a toddler to death.  What makes a grown man kill a child with his bare hands whilst under the threat of being shot by police?  I am glad he was killed but why did it happen?

And then there is the story from Italy yesterday of a women chained to her bed and locked in a room for 18 years.  Was it only because of the Fritzl case in Austria did someone in Italy tip off this womans circumstances to the police?

The world is going through a weird cycle at the moment nothing seems to far fetched anymore.

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