Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fathers Day Wrap - Spewing!

Well, the weekend started off well with dinner out on Friday night at Restaurant Como at Blaxland and then the Saturday was family day with afternoon tea with Niki's parents at her sisters and then dinner with my parents Saturday night... all was well.

Then at around midnight, Kate threw up in bed... sheets changed etc etc... then she threw up again. And again and again and again... between midnight and 4am, she threw up about 30 times. Nothing solid by that stage, but she was dry reeching very badly.

Then just as she settled down pre-dawn, little Brookie started as well... and by dawn, Niki was joining them! So Fathers Day morning found me in rubber gloves, sponges, buckets and cleaning up after them all.

I myself, solid as a rock, not even queezy!

Then we found out that all of Niki's sisters family was also ill and it turns out it stemmed from my brother in law's mother who had fallen ill on the Friday and we all caught it.

Then Niki's parents went down on Monday with it... and yet I am still fine... I even ordered myself a pizza for dinner on Sunday night as my Fathers Day lunch was cancelled and nobody other than the pets or I was hungry.

Happy to report, that the girls are now ginger but have recovered and the worst of it only lasted during the Sunday... so we'll try to do our Fathers Day plans next weekend.



fool said...

Wife has a bad dose of morning sickness for about the last week, so I'm becoming well accustomed to the sound of vomiting as well.

Anonymous said...

my best one was when it went through the whole house..and then reinfected the first person!