Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On The Painting Desk - Khemri Done

Have finished my Khemri Blood Bowl team... even played a match with them today (and won!).

Quite happy with the way they turned out... the pinning of the pieces was extraordinary in that each miniture was actually 8 seperate bits (except the Mummies which were a full casting).

Very fiddly to put together, was really put off doing it in the first place because of it, but now that they're done, I am happy with the look of the team!

Khemri Mummies

2 Blitz-Ra's and 2 Thro-Ra's... really happy with the eyes on these guys

The Skeletons... differing helmets are a nice touch.

Team Shot!

All up, this has taken me about 6 weeks to do, but I do paint teams in a sporadic fashion... 15mins here, an hour here etc... the pinning though took more than the painting!

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Anonymous said...

Great job clay. The colour scheme is what really makes them work.