Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Busy as...

Well, apologies Dear Reader as I have been flat out this week and its only Tuesday!

This unemployment caper certainly is busy, particularly when you're juggling three potential roles at once.

Today, I have done psychometric tests for two positions and I feel exhausted. I did the first set this morning in the city, so I was in for an 8:30am start (I wanted to be back at the coffee shop in Glenbrook!) and didn't finish until midday. Whilst the tests are not hard per se, they are an exercise in mental stamina and afterwards I felt very drained... so I caught up with old work mates at the pub!

Then tonight, after the kids were tucked into bed, I did a second set of tests online. Different style of tests, different psyche company providing them, and I think tonight a bit easier than this mornings, but still I didnt finish until just now (11pm).

So, in short I am very much mentally drained and the batteries are low but at the same time I am excited to be getting closer to the end game of the unemployment business and yet sad to see my relatively relaxed life style perhaps ending :-(

I think once I do get a job, this blog will become once again part of my daily routine as I usually would get to the office, engage with colleagues, read newspapers and form a view on something that would inspire me to post.

At the moment though, I think to do a posting and realise half a week has flown by! Oh such is the life of a bludger!

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