Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Top 20 Movie Characters of All Time

Empire Magazine has named its Top 20 Movie Characters of all time...

(check out the list here)

I have to say, the #1 is a big shock. I very much liked the movie, but that character hardly registered in my mind when I answered the question myself.

I have to say, Darth Vader, who came in at #2 should be #1.

My Top 20.

1. Darth Vader
2. James Bond - Connery & Brosnan being most memorable
3. Yoda (who doesnt get a mention here!)
4. The Joker - Heath Ledger... brilliant performance
5. The Godfather - Marlon Brando
6. C3PO & R2D2 - The famous Droids
7. The Terminator
8. Dr Hannibal Lector
9. Luke Skywalker
10. Indiana Jones
11. Superman - Christopher Reeve (doesnt get mentioned by Empire!)
12. Han Solo
13. John McClain - Die Hard
14. Capt Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp
15. Gollum from Lord of the Rings
16. Forrest Gump
17. Ferris Beuller... maybe because of my age, but a great movie from its time.
18. Chewbacca
19. Spock from Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy
20. Batman - the new one. Would have been higher if they hadnt made such casting flops in the past.

So, in short - the Empire list leaves me a bit uninspired because so many classic characters were left out. There is also ALOT of representation from the Star Wars but those characters have become iconic figures that everyone recognises. Movie Franchises also do well because the characters come back again and again... and most of my nominations come from franchise movies.

Anyone I left out? Any disagreements? Anyone have views on Empires List and what I think is a crappy #1.


Annachie said...

I don't know.

I'd swap in "Henry Gondorf" from the sting.

I'd have captain Jack higher up.


and to get esoteric, Yojimbo.

Was it male characters only?

Clay said...

"Was it male characters only?"

Good point... never realised that.

And for the Empire Magazine, the only female was Siguourney Weaver's character from Alien.

/me ponders...

Famous Female Characters, none that I would have in the Top 20 of all time, but perhaps:

- Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie
- Princess Leia (I acknowledge I have a Star Wars bias)
- Julia Robers from Pretty Woman?