Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Well, now that it's all official, things are getting busy. We now have to actually do all the stuff we said we would need to do if we went to Dubai.

On Friday, we had work start on replacing our back pergola as the timber had become soft and rotten. We had only been talking about it for four years now (lol!) and now when we have to leave, we get it done. I just couldnt stand tenants complaining about the leaking roof, so we are currently having it done... will be finished Thursday.

Then we had to repaint our bedroom and the front family room... bedroom is done, family room done tomorrow (or tonight if Niki's 8th wind keeps going!).

Electrical work needs to be done... new BBQ light, some down lights etc etc.

Then there is the renting of our house, changing the mortgage to an investment property, sorting out the relocation costs, getting rid of stuff we don't want, selling the cars... and then there is hooking up Skype to the home PC, my parents and Niki's parents PC's and then testing it all out and teaching the grand parents how to use it. Niki had to teach her parents how to turn a computer on and use the mouse, so you can imagine the learning curve required! But they're keen and want to get it all down pat before we go!

Tax return needs to be done for last year... drivers licenses renewed and I haven't even thought about my new job and the settling in over there bit!


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