Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Long readers of Lime Kettles, know that I share the opinion of an overwhelming majority of people that George W Bush was not only the worst President of the United States with respect to the people of America, but also from the perspective of virtually everyone in the world - with the possible exception of China as their economy has benefitted enormously from the failure of the US to be able to compete on trade.

But today, the world changed.  Hopefully the enemies of the USA will now see an opportunity to negotiate and create a better environment for peace and that perhaps we can finally get on with life and move on from "The War on Terror".

Obama though has a tough road and apart from being black and personable there have been doubts of his political credentials... I hope that they do stand up to the rhetoric to date, but even if he is really not the best president ever, he is deserving of it as the better alternative.  I still shudder to think what the future would be had McCain got in.

Well done America, don't fuck it up.

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Julian Meteor said...

I think you meant the War on CREDIT.
The war on terror ended AGES ago Mr I Don't Read the News!!!!! lol