Thursday, January 29, 2009

Been busy...

Well, I ran the Australian Blood Bowl Championships down at Canberra this weekend and it was a great success!  Largest ever Australian tournament ever with 72 entrants!

I got back on Monday night and ever since then, we've been flat chat busy with a variety of things to get done in preparation for me going to Dubai.  Fixing up the house, clothes, luggage, cleaning out crap, putting stuff on eBay, getting cars detailed in anticipation for sale and just going through lists of things!

We're now all very excited though.  The girls are even talking alot about the move and Niki said today that she is really excited.  We've moved from that "oh my god, should we even be considering this" thru to fears and worries and now excitement.  It crystalised further when my webcams arrived and we installed one here on the PC and Niki and I spent an hour last night chatting to each other on Skype across the house.  We have to install webcams at both our parents places and teach them how to use them as well.

Today, we need to get more paint for the new pergola and guttering and get cracking on finishing that.  Also, lots of paperwork needs to be sorted as I need to take Marriage and Birth certificates and official qualifications to Dubai and we all need to have a stack of passport photos taken for various visa and UAE government documents.

Its getting close now!

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Cat Balloo said...

Hi Clay you probably havent' had time to read the Saturday Herald but there was an article on life in Dubai. What an exciting move. All the best.