Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Day... Some Observations

OK, well my first day is done and dusted... I have to say it was an interesting experience.

Firstly, my HR dept forgot to set up ANYTHING for my arrival.  I sat at a spare desk that was spare because the owner was on a training course.  I had no PC, no phone, no desk, no ID card, nothing.  On top of this, the HR dept was ALL at the same training course.  So it took them an hour to find out what I was supposed to be doing and I spent that hour in the reception area.

By 4pm, I was contacted by the HR guy who recruited me to say that the ball was dropped by the HR people who handle employee relations... they in turn rang me to profusely apologise.  It was really a frustrating day, but I have been told again and again that when dealing with the local Emirati people, that you need to have the patience of a saint.  So I accepted everything in good grace and smiled but I still don't know where I will be sitting tomorrow!  LOL!

My offices are at the construction site and hence they are demountable buildings that are stacked on top of each other like modulated pods or something.  Internal staircases are all over the place.  There seems to be no planning to the set out and it was a fairly confusing building to navigate around.  But I guess I will get used to it!

The people though were lovely and everyone is in a degree of "newness" to the place.  12 months ago, the company had 20 people, today we have 80 and in 12mths time they predict there will be 200+.  I just hope their HR / New Employee procedures pick it up a bit!

But as I said, the people were very welcoming and in an hour of being in my area, I had been invited to an English guys place for Friday afternoon / dinner.  He was having a BBQ with his friends in his housing estate (Al Raha Gardens, just 10mins from work) and he said I was most welcome to join them and have a look around the area.  He also said its a great opportunity to talk to other expats and learn from their experiences... so I will do just that!

The other big thing I did today was hire a car for the weekend.  I pick it up Friday morning and drop it back on Saturday evening... only cost 322Dhs and it will be my first go at Left Hand Drive.  I got a compact car and will - outside of the BBQ - drive it around and up to Dubai for a look around were Niki & I are thinking of living.  I will take some pics / videos as well.

I am also keen to go to "Old Dubai" which is where all the markets (called "souqs" here) are and do some browsing... my gut feel is that I will go thru the paperwork of getting a car loan to buy a decent car and until that is the case, will get taxis to and from work and hire a car on the weekend.

At the moment, the lack of a) a car and b) the confidence to drive on the wrong side of the road is hampening my getting out and about... need to get a bit more independence!  But I guess, it is only the end of the first day at work!

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fool said...

right is never "wrong". Have fun Clay, just make sure you get an "automatic".