Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well, I made it!

My first post from the UAE... I will also update my profile on Blogger on the right hand side there as I am no longer a Sydney train user!

My trip started as a bit of a disaster when my Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi was cancelled due to mechanical issues and I was shunted onto the Emirates flight to Dubai and a car would drive me to Abu Dhabi from there....

Wasn't all bad though, as the Emirates flight was on the new A380 Airbus and flying Business Class made it all the better! I have never had a more comfortable flight and it absolutely shat all over Qantas Business Class.

The flight was smooth, but a bit of turbulence over Indonesia woke me up and I had the dreaded realisation that most of the movies were the same as the ones I had on the flight to Dubai last December for an interview.

But a great seat with no one person sitting to another so everyone had aisles AND windows made the trip very enjoyable.

Landing in Dubai at 6am local time, I was in and out of customs and baggage collection very quickly and the only hiccup was my driver wasnt quick enough and I had to wait 30mins to be driven to Abu Dhabi. The weather is coolish in the morning - it was 16 degrees celcius when I got off the plane, but the day has turned out very beautiful with temps in the mid-20's.

The hotel is good... its five star, but I don't think four star exists in this country and I have been out and about for lunch and had a wander around.

I start work tomorrow and I have the first day jitters, but the jet lag is fine and I will be sure to get a good sleep tonight.

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I'm a radio announcer in NSW and talk daily to different bloggers your story is interested would you be interested in talking to me by phone let me know your phone # and the time difference if oyu can do it