Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UAE Weather...

Its winter time here and the weather is good for swimming.  Temperatures have crept up to the high 20's and you feel as though its a nice summers day in Sydney.

I can only imagine what its going to be like in the summer here!

The other weird thing is that the glare and the brightness of the sun are amazing... the sky is a silver white rather than blue and the sun's glare of the sandy ground is very intense.  I generally don't wear sunglasses at work, but I do need them when travelling between the buildings here.  Its not uncomfortable or anything, but it is very different!  I guess I will get used to it over time, but every time I go outside I realise "hey, I'm not in Australia anymore" because of the sun intensity (never mind the arabs, the sand, the odd left hand drive cars etc).


fool said...

There's been reports that the economy in Dubai is so bad that people are leaving their cars in the parking lot with the keys in the ignition. Why not just take a taxi to the airport and shop for a new set of free wheels?

Clay said...

Ya, its happening, but I am near Abu Dhabi and besides, those cars have money owing on them... I'm not picking up someone else's bad debt.

The reason why they're doing that is because it is ILLEGAL to default on a loan... if you cannot pay, its jail time! I kid you not... lucky all those sub-prime mortgagees are in the USA!