Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things Are Good

Am now getting busier on the work front and had a good meeting with the Managing Director here and have a clear idea now where we are heading... just need to get busy doing it!

So on the work front, things are coming together nicely.

On the settling front, I am still hamstrung without a drivers license, but my bank details look like being sorted out today (hopefully!) and I am mailing away back to Australia for an international drivers permit.  That should allow me to hire a car on a month to month basis.

The hotel had a glitch this morning though... I have been having an occasional smell of sewerage in the bathroom but this morning the ceiling had sprung a leak (slow drip, over the vanity) and the smell had become consistent and stronger.  I asked to be moved but they claim they're full, so I will sort that out tonight.

The weekend is tomorrow, and to be honest I need a break... I have been a bit run down and am taking the weekend to relax around the pool / beach and maybe have a swim or two.  I am not going to hire a car and repeat my cross country efforts of last week... and besides, without formal residency, I cant get a car and I cant make any commitments to renting a villa.

So, I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxing!  I do have a dinner appointment arranged with a consultant who is flying in tomorrow, so thats my only formal plans.

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