Sunday, February 22, 2009

Val Morgan, Pop Corn and NZ Tourism

Well, my second weekend in the Emirates was the first weekend in which I decided I needed to do "nothing".  With the travel here, the stress of a new job and new environment and of leaving Niki & the Girls behind, I was very very run down.  So run down in fact that I have caught a lurgy and have been feeling crappy since Thursday night.

So, it was "do nothing" and whilst I enjoyed the downtime of sleeping in (sort of) and having breakfast in the hotel followed by lazing on the lounges by the pool and on the beach, I have to say I was quite bored all weekend.

But as I type this before going to bed on a Saturday night (which is a school night here!) I have to say I am glad for the chance to recharge some.  My flu is there, but not too bad and I have chilled out doing nothing.  The only reason I am up so late is that I went to the movies (100m from my room) and saw my first movie in the UAE.  It was the Benjamin Button movie (nothing to get too excited about, some women actually gasped in the theatre at Brad Pitt - tsk tsk) and the experience was a little odd sitting in a theatre with Emiratis who seem to enjoy eating Nachos in the theatre and playing with mobile phones.

However some things remain an ever lasting constant and that was there was actually Val Morgan cinema advertising in the theatre as well!  I thought Val Morgan was an Australian company (I could be wrong) and that seemed odd.  There was also an add for NZ tourism... and then a patriotic UAE ad asking people to take up the UAE's official .ae on the back end of their websites.  Eclectic mix of ads for sure!

So its back to work in the morning... I shall be getting my ATM cards this week and hopefully will here how my residency visa is progressing...

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