Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BAM! Its Hot...

Today is the hottest day so far... forecast is for 41 and possible thunderstorms (really?!).  The wind is blowing, the sand is flying and it is very hot outside.

I am spending one last night at the Al Raha Beach hotel tonight and I will check out tomorrow morning with the view of spending Thursday night in the new villa!  Whilst Power & Water are connected, the air con is run via a chilled water system and I have to connect myself at the plant just outside the Green Community.  I have to front up with my visa, passport and associated letters to get connected... will be a right pain I bet!

So, I will try and do that on Friday morning (which is the weekend)... otherwise I could be sweltering.  Having said that, the pool is right next door! YAY!

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