Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to the Organised Chaos...

OK... had a long weekend, did heaps, spent some great quality time with Niki and then sadly took her to the airport this morning...

Then, I return to work to find that my area of the building has been taken over by some head office people and I have been bumped out into what is referred to as "Block 4".  In short, my gear had been boxed and moved into a building that is today still under construction.

To get into my office, I had to shoo some Indians who were taking a power saw to a piece of timber whilst using my desk and chair as a "saw horse".  All my gear was in a box in the corner and that included my laptop docking station and monitor and phone.

To also put Block 4 into context, there are NO footpaths to get here and NO steps into the building.  I had to walk thru sand (which can drift into ankle deep dunes) and then climb into the building!  I dont think I will wear a suit tomorrow?

So, I put in a call to "help desk" to basically set me up in construction site and turned my laptop on and worked away.  Had to make some calls and then my pre-paid mobile ran out... then I noticed my battery was getting flat so I grabbed the power cable from the box and plugged it in.  No Power!

To sum up a long story, power was on by 3pm and my battery lasted (just) but only because I had a couple of meetings and I turned it off.  Managed to get the phone on and rang the girls at home but other than that my day has been shot and I have been re-dunked into the pool of UAE Chaos Theory.

All good fun!!

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