Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend In Dubai

Well, no posts for a few days as we have been driving around the UAE and giving Niki the full tour of the place. She landed early in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday night and she was able to have a lazy day around the hotel whilst I had to go to work on the Thursday... a bit of a bummer, but it was good for her to get over her jet lag.

Thursday night, I drove her into Abu Dhabi where we went all the way into town and down to the Corniche and across to the Marina Mall. We checked out some furniture shops and browsed around and it was Niki's first taste of the mall-centric Arabic night life. We drove around the city on the way back and cut across town to give her the full experience of the heavily Indian population here.

Friday was Dubai day and we drove up to first our house at the Green Community and I was able to show her what her new home looked like and where it was in relation to everything else - the shops, the school, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She loved it and was gobsmacked at the 7 toilets, 3 baths, 4 showers, 2 living areas and 2 dining rooms... its pretty big when you put it all together!

After a drive around the Green Community we headed into "The Address" which would be our home for 2 nights... the place was amazing! We were truly impressed and the views of the pool areas, the Lake around the Burj Dubai and the massive Burj Dubai itself was amazing.

The view from our room... overlooking the magnificent pool deck

Me in front of the 820 odd metre high Burj Dubai... Niki couldnt get it all in the shot (the building, not me!)

After we left, we went on a drive around to the Mall of the Emirates where Niki saw the Ski Dubai for the first time, we also drove along Jumeira Beach (but didnt get to the Palm) and took some shots of the Burj Al Arab (the big sail like hotel)... we were in a rush though because we had an appointment at the girls' future school for a bit of a tour and a discussion on their enrollment.

It was whirlwind, but it gave Niki a real flavour of the area.

Tomorrow, Niki's final full day, we will relax around Al Raha and perhaps look to buy me some furniture!

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