Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Banking Frustrations

Still havent got my ATM cards and the whole process seems to be going backwards.  When I first arrived here, I found out that my ATM cards were going to be sent to my parents in Australia (who I had nominated as my Australian forwarding address).

In frustration, I was told the cards would go to them and then they can send them back to me... I don't need to tell you how frustrating that is.

But then I found out HSBC have a man who comes to site to assist with expats getting set up and he told me what I had set up in Sydney was wrong and he would correct it and hand deliver my ATM cards...

2 weeks later he tells me that the cards are being sent to Sydney!  I let him know that he has taken 2 weeks to make zero progress after promising me direct delivery.  He is now trying "to rectify the situation, sorry Mr Clayton".  But this is indicative of life here and I have been told numerous times by fellow expats that the #1 commodity you need to have here is patience.

So I will let the HSBC man do his stuff and see what comes of it...

He told me also that I cannot register for internet banking until I visit the branch in Abu Dhabi.  They were open until 7pm so I mad a dash to get there last night but due to traffic jams I arrived at 7:02pm to find the bank doors shut.  Customers were still inside, but no more new customers were allowed in.

Again, I need to learn to allow more time as it took 20mins for my taxi to pick me up which cost me the opportunity to set up net banking... its a case of live and learn here!

PS - I just got an email!  My residency has been approved and I have a stamp in my passport which is being driven to me now!  At LAST!

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