Wednesday, March 04, 2009

London Bound

Well, I am flying out to London in a few hours on my glorious 2:30am flight and its quite surreal to have only packed an overnight bag!  London is such a long haul from Sydney that you tend to take alot of luggage, but tonight I have my briefcase with laptop and a carry on bag with my suit pants, some shirts and the basics...  I will be wearing my suit coat on the plane sports jacket style and I will definitely need it as the overnight temps in London at the moment are about 2-3 degrees celcius.

Two days of meetings and then back home again!

The other interesting thing is we got a public holiday announced this week for this Sunday.  I have no idea why, but we all get a long weekend.  This was announced the Sunday just passed so we get a weeks notice of a day off.  I heard that was the case here before I came over and thats my first experience of it.  Apparently it happens quite frequently too.

I will try to blog from London... probably just to tell you I am cold :-)

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Dan said...

Heads up then, as the weather here at the moment is diabolical. Is cold, wet, windy, grey and generally very shite :D

Have a good stay ;)