Thursday, April 23, 2009

ANZAC Day in the UAE

With so many expats in the country, there is a bit of a culture of everyone being aware of other nations special holidays.

ANZAC Day has been getting a bit of press here in the UAE and I had to go to the Embassy this morning to get some documentation stamped and the small embassy (its on the 14th floor of an office block, much different to the sprawling embassies in Canberra) had many notices of where to celebrate ANZAC Day this Saturday.  Saturday is a weekend day here, but Sunday is a working day and Sunday has been earmarked as a "holiday" for the Embassy and other Australian related services.  Unfortunately, my company wont be giving me a long weekend... but its tempting to take the day off!

I also got an email from TimeOut Dubai this morning and they had a special article on what to do on ANZAC Day as well.

Unfortunately on Saturday morning I am having curtains installed and will need to be at the house but they should be done in the afternoon so I may go out and try and catch some Aussie flavoured dinner somewhere... I have met a few Aussies both here at the office and around the Green Community, I will suss out if anyone is doing anything special.

But there is the cricket on Friday and after last nights loss to Pakistan, Game 2 is a must win and I am sure the match will be a bit special because its on the weekend and the ANZAC weekend at that.  It better be, we got smashed last night lol!!

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